Sunday, 16 March 2008

Comments on Works made in 2005/6

The work shown below falls into the categories of:
A. Drawings
B. Photographic and
C. Printmaking

A. My drawings are largely made in indian ink on A1 sized sheets of mountboard. This gives a very smooth flat finish. Some works are coloured using watercolour.

B. My photographic work shown here falls into two categories - 1. Sepia Prints of human gesture. These are digital prints made as emulations of Holga images...and 2. A Depopulation series. Digital photographs are manipulated to remove the people. These are shown in pairs before/after - populated/depopulated.

C. Although I have worked with woodcut, monoprint, linocut and colograph, the work here is exclusively screenprinted. The works are made on A3 sized heavy cartridge paper.

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