Thursday, 20 March 2008

Photographic: Series - Gates & Doors 2007/8

Ex Police Stn Caledonian Rd N7 060607

Edinburgh 280407
Dukes Rd Gate WC1 071007
Drummond St NW1 2006
Commercial Rd 291007
Coke St E1 261007
Chandos St W1 130607
Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, Canonbury Place N1
Buckland Hse Thornhill Rd N1 131007
Britannia St WC1 011207
Boys Barrow Hill Rd School NW8 220307
Bowling Grn Ln EC1 130607
Artists Rifles Dukes Road 071007

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

House Portraits 2006/7

Private House North London

Commercial Portrait North London

House Portraits: Lewisham College 2006/7

Part of a series of House Portraits made to record the Lewisham FE College Campus in its current state.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Drawings: Mostar 2006/7

These drawings in Pen and Ink were made following a visit to Mostar in Bosnia. The evidence of War damage in Croatia and Bosnia shocked me deeply and inspired a series of photographs which led to these works.

Printmaking: Small Woodcuts 2006/7

3 colour Goat
2 colour Goat

1 colour Goat

Printmaking: Small Colographs 2006/7

Colographs: small works on cartridge paper

Early House Portraits to 2005/6

House Islington London

House Islington London

House Petaluma California

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Comments on Works made in 2005/6

The work shown below falls into the categories of:
A. Drawings
B. Photographic and
C. Printmaking

A. My drawings are largely made in indian ink on A1 sized sheets of mountboard. This gives a very smooth flat finish. Some works are coloured using watercolour.

B. My photographic work shown here falls into two categories - 1. Sepia Prints of human gesture. These are digital prints made as emulations of Holga images...and 2. A Depopulation series. Digital photographs are manipulated to remove the people. These are shown in pairs before/after - populated/depopulated.

C. Although I have worked with woodcut, monoprint, linocut and colograph, the work here is exclusively screenprinted. The works are made on A3 sized heavy cartridge paper.

Drawings: Works in Pen & Ink at A1 size 2005/6